Jumie| A Decade & Eight

Old School Meets New School Photo Walk 2013

See more Photos at my Flickr Account http://www.flickr.com/photos/zelhan/sets/72157635341431430/ #OSMNS2013

Shay Shay BTS

This was so called an Impulsive Photo Shoot Trial. When my close friend Mark invited me to join a PhotoShoot with his friend’s niece (ShayShay).

Here’s her Flickr Gallery¬†flickr.com/photos/zelhan/sets/72157635027284676/

Song Credits
Sunshine Girl By Moumoon

Jumie Pre Debut Teaser

Jumie Pre Debut Teaser Trial Render

Balamban Photo Walk

Boys Do Fall in Love Trailer Short Film

1504132_596405997095009_773089055_n BDFIL Poster1380655_10202327715659149_989748195_n

See the Trailer/ Teaser here http://goo.gl/LP8Tl9

Sparta Sessions

Spartan’s 19 Combos

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If you still can’t see the video. Please go to this link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=661572373866834&l=6533322203932620118

Visionary Elite: Meeting with the Spartans

King of Cebu PV 2013

Lacida-Heredia Get Together

AMV Macross 7 Holy Lonely Night Fire Bomber

Since I watched Macross 7. I decide to make an AMV (Anime Music Video) FYI.